My buddy Roxy and I at a drop-in visit.
My buddy Roxy and I at a drop-in visit.

About Me

My name is Caitlyn but I prefer Casey. I have owned, cared for and loved animals my entire life. Growing up I had cats, rodents, fish and I even rescued a pigeon from some local cats. I have always loved dogs but my mom is allergic and my dad is scared of them. When I was very young I used to climb through a hole in my grandma's fence to visit her neighbor and her Basset Hound Bogie, giving him milk bones is one of my fondest childhood memories. My mother and I would always ooh and ah over dogs that walked by, amused by the ones with particularly fluffy backsides. It wasn't until I was 17 that I moved into a household with a Rottweiler and a German Shepard mix and dogs changed my life for the first time. Roxy and Nikka will always be so special to me because they sparked an even deeper love for dogs. Ever since, I have lived with and cared for numerous dogs. Dogs changed my life for the second time when I began working as an attendant at a local doggie daycare/hotel and realized caring for dogs and eventually dog training would be my life's work. I worked there for over a year watching up to 40 dogs at a time in an open play environment and hope to attend San Francisco Dog Training Internship Academy within the next few years.

About Animal Care

I am happy to care for animals of all kinds; I have extensive experience caring for dogs, cats and rodents, as well as a bit of experience caring for reptiles, fish and birds. I am certified in dog first aid and CPR. I have a dog and cat first aid book available on my phone as well as the Red Cross' dog/cat first aid app and the ASPCA's poison control app. I carry a citronella based animal deterrent spray on walks so your dog will be safe from any aggressive off leash animals. I also have a collapsible water bowl and water bottle I bring on longer walks or even shorter walks on hotter days. I keep a tight grip on leashes in case you have a puller or a dog that gets spooked. I am available for house sitting, dog walking and drop in visits. I usually walk dogs one on one but if you want your dog to have some canine company on their walks I have a rowdy Boston Terrier who can join us and am also happy to pair your dog with other dogs I walk that want company as well. I am always so glad to get to know your pets own personality and quirks, it's the absolute best thing about them! I would love to meet your pup or other pet!

Next Steps...

Contact me if your interested in booking or if you have any questions about the services I provide.